Im staring at old photographs, some are old and tattered, others shady and torn. These are the treasures I keep , the only old things that have smiles shinning bright. The only physical contact I can keep with you right now, this is for the beautiful souls that God loved too much. This is for the now beautiful angels always guiding us. This is for all my friends that went to the skies too soon.

Hey darlings,

Im now in my early 20s , well, I dress pretty well somedays and put on perfect make up and other days I dress homelessly. I feel so old to be honest, like literally as old as you can feel with nothing figured out yet. Remember how we had life figured out, how well we had planned our 20s would be. Maybe if u guys were around somehow I wouldnt have felt this lost and messed up. Maybe , just maybe everything would be perfect!

I still love jewellery too much,But nowadays I prefer african ones and very tiny gold necklaces which apparently is still expensive for me so I make sure I go by the Hilton Arcade at the muhindi’s shop just to look at it, lol! I know you woulda gotten it for me somehow.

Ive fallen inlove with different kinds of men since I knew about emotions and intimacy mostly the ones I shouldnt have dared move close to even an inch. So sweethearts my heart has been broken a hundred times over by each One of them ,0 and you remember how i hated military men and always swore not to move near them. Well, i fell inlove with one, a very huge and handsome man. He was the best person i ever met i guess, But hey, I really never broke vow, he was smart enough to tell me, he was in the military after i fell for him. But i hope you pray for me to the Lord to show me better days

Life has turned out all crazy guys, I dont trust anybody nowadays. well, ive seen dark days. seen it all, betrayal from people i love, people i hold close to my heart.people i could take bullets. You wont get it sweethearts maybe, but im trying to say that you guys are in a better place actually the best place. Because maybe i would have turned out to be a bad friend.

I miss our days together, i miss How easy life was for us. but i hated the fact that you people never ever gave me the chance to be mama when we played kalongo. lately ive been thinking alot about the 10 kids I wanna mother. And I also think of marriage alot nowadays, well pretty much with a fancy wedding .lol!

But I hope u guys are doing fine, I hope u are foodies like Iam. I hope you think about me once in a while, I hope that when u do it makes you smile. I hope that when my time comes, I wont be as messy as Iam.

Xoxo , Goodbye… Maybe.

Yours truly,

Gasherie ♥.