What the hell are perfect places??! I mean what is perfection anyway!!!! 😼😼” Well, thats not a question, I dont need societies answers. I dont need its critism and overration of mediocrity. I just dont need its patriachy because iam a woman who posses breasts or its disregard on some things because Iam a man with grown balls. Talk of balls , balls that Move around living cries. Yes cries! Not a single cry!

Sarah wanjiru A healthy little girl, with little rash on her scaly skinwho is about 3kg as I gauged, just as per now a day old and some few hours.

Cecilia a 15 year old girl whose now a mother to sarah. Of medium height that is alittle bit taller than me , with a dark complexion and a well built luhya physique. He face full of innocence and And countless pimples with little dark sports of healing blackheads that were less evident due to the her ‘popin melanin’ as it is said. She hardly smiles but at a close look i saw a beautiful gap in her alittle tanned teeth. Her hair was short, kinky and tattered. Her eyes were full of rage despite her efforts to avoid eye contact, they were dark rimmed , haunted and sad! She talked less at a very low voice..

Our first encounter was all screams and gushes of raw blood. The place was all chaos with sauti sols mbozi za malwa hit playing .. The only line i remember was ” looking for love in all the wrong places” I watched her push while she screamed. My whole body was sweaty And shivery, As i screamed for the last time puuuuuuuuuush! the little girl cried all bloody and full of clots and after baths.

“If you wanna be safe , just walk in the middle of thr street, and im not kidding . you’ve been told to look both ways before crossing the street, and the sidewalk is your friend right? Well, No! Very wrong!!! I’ve spent years walking sidewalks at night.I’ve looked around me , when it got dark and there were men following me, creeping out of alleyways attempting to goad me into speaking to them and shouting obsceneties at me when i wouldnt. So my safe place is the middle street. But why would i risk it though? Because the odds are in my favour .come to think of it there is a higher Percentage of rape cases in a day compared to someone being hit by a car. Therefore thats my safe place! And this little girl is fatherless, just because the father chose to gag my mouth and lay me In an alley full of urine and other wastes! ” She said.

And for the first time Cecilia opened up to me ,and she took her little baby and kissed her passionately and that, that is real love. you know what perfection is definately overrated!!!! And every man should bring a woman some love, regardless of how!

Yours truly

~gasherie~ ♥♥