If chaos is a piece of art, then my heart is a masterpiece. D. Antoinnette Foy.

This is from me to you ,actually its from us ; mind ,body and soul.

This is for a girl , a little girl who feels lost in a world full of judgemental people. A little girl who dares to feel more than she should, a girl who talks through words. This is for the girl whose heart has been tattered into shards left ungathered by no one

This is for a girl who has sleepless nights stairing blankly at the ceiling . One who cries her self to sleep , whose tearsocked pillow feels her pain . whose mornings have no sunshine and her face is always pale and puffy

This is for her who feels like she is too much for everyone, like she is a liability .This is for a girl with pimply bumpy skin,and cracked lips .

This is for her with lightning across her hips and butt , one with kinky tattered hair and discoloured teeth. One with flawed parts all over her

This is for her in her 20s and feels like she has nothing figured out yet. For her who has never been kissed or gotten a love letter.

This is fir the times she feels unappreciated, the hidden anger and despair in her smile .for the times no one believes in her.

This is for the words she leaves unsaid and smiles just instead with an “its okay”. For the times she listens to sad songs and writes sad poetry. This is for the words she writes and nobody ever reads

This is for the beautiful soul reading this, love yourself and only then will u get it all figured out

♥XOXO ♥ ~gasherie.